Community Involvement

This web site is one vehicle for community involvement for the Route 30 Corridor Improvement Study. A distinct advantage of using the Internet is its ability to inform and involve community members on their own time and in their own home. Although this is especially important for the elderly or physically challenged, it is perceived as a benefit by all elements of a society in which families are often going in as many different directions as there are members.

As this study progresses, other methods for involving the community in the planning process will be developed. Stakeholders, civic leaders and local governmental agencies will be identified and provided the opportunities to comment on the project. Elected and appointed officials will be invited to participate in Public Officials Briefings, and other periodic public meetings will be held.

A Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) comprised of representatives of the different communities found in the Route 30 study area will be formed. The primary goal of the CAC will be to enhance the exchange of information and opinions between the community and project team so that the community’s needs and concerns are considered in the development of improvement alternatives for Route 30.

A Project Newsletter will be mailed directly to all the homes and businesses in the project area. The newsletter will provide a synopsis of current project information, and direct recipients to this web site for more information. The newsletter and the web site will inform the public of upcoming meetings, solicit their opinions, and keep the public informed of the latest project news.Click here for the latest Project Newsletter.

The Plain Sect community is a big part of the Route 30 study area, yet their differing lifestyle makes it difficult to communicate with them through conventional means. Therefore, the Project Team includes two specialists with contacts in the Plain Sect community.