Purpose & Need

The purpose of the study is to improve safety, reduce traffic congestion, and improve traffic flow. As most people realize from driving on Route 30 between Lancaster and Gap, the road is congested and makes the driving experience unpleasant. Although improvements have been made west and east of the study area, Route 30 between Lancaster and Gap is still a three-lane highway that passes through a mixture of villages, rural areas, and strip commercial areas. Scenic yes, but increases in population and growing personal reliance on the automobile have led to an increased number of cars and trucks on the road, a road that has not changed much since the turn of the last century.

The presence of too many personal vehicles is exacerbated by the trucks that serve the many productive farms in the area–trucks that are delivering milk, eggs, poultry, and other fresh foods to major markets.

Tourists, attracted to the area’s historic and rural charms as well as outlet stores, arrive by the busload. Finally, the presence of the horse and buggies driven by the plain-sect residents further complicates the traffic needs in the area. Slower moving horse and buggies can cause traffic to back up behind them.