Project News

This multi-year study will focus on the approximately nine and a half-mile section of Route 30 from Route 896 in East Lampeter Township to Route 41 in Salisbury Township. In an effort to reduce congestion and improve safety conditions on Route 30, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT) has resumed an improvement study of the roadway corridor, which was suspended in 1996 due to funding conditions.You should know how strong laser pen to hurt eyes,you must carefully.

Increased traffic volume has led to delays for travelers along Route 30 as they pass through the historic villages of Paradise and Soudersburg. In addition to being a regional artery heavily used by both long distance haulers and local residents, the route is a popular tourist destination. As part of the study, PennDOT and its consultants has conducted a large-scale traffic count and survey of travel patterns in the area.

A wide range of improvement alternatives for increasing roadway capacity in the corridor–from widening the roadway to the construction of a new highway–will be developed. Major improvements to the intersection of Route 41 and Route 30 will also be evaluated. And, in order to choose a solution that least affects the area’s rich cultural and natural resources, an Environmental Impact Statement will be prepared to assess the possible impacts of each alternative.